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Music hello I'm Nellie we at fidelity Express want to do everything we can to ensure our agent success including preparing you for an independent audit of your anti-money laundering compliance program fidelity Express authorized delegates have a legal responsibility to maintain and enforce an AML compliance program that satisfies state and federal laws let's talk through the questions an independent auditor will be asking you about your program all money service businesses or MSBs must register with FinCEN if a store sells money orders check cashing wire transfer currency exchange or prepaid services the business is considered an MSB however you do not have to register as an MSB if the only money services being conducted in your store are processed through a vendor such as fidelity Express we register you as an MSB with FinCEN for the services that are contracted to process through us during an audit the independent auditor will ask you are you registered as an MSB for any money services being conducted in your store that are not being processed through a vendor like fidelity Express Music all MSBs must have an anti money laundering compliance guide on site at all times fidelity Express provides all authorized delegates with a copy of the AML compliance guide in addition to having the AML compliance guide available at all times sections one through four must be completed the auditor will ask do you have a copy of the written anti-money laundering compliance guide please contact fidelity Express immediately if you do not have a copy of the compliance guide or if you need help filling out sections one through four Music every employee must be familiar with the information located on the inside cover of the anti-money laundering compliance guide BSA stands for Bank Secrecy Act AML is an abbreviation for anti money laundering CTR stands for currency transaction report an SAR is a suspicious activity report and finally be familiar with the money order 3 K log the auditor will ask are all of the employees familiar with and understand all of these terms please make sure all employees read and understand the inside cover of your anti-money laundering compliance guide Music all MSBs must have a designated compliance officer the compliance officer is designated by the owner it is normally the owner manager or whoever is most familiar with the AML program as they will be responsible for enforcing the day-to-day compliance with all of the rules established by the Bank Secrecy Act write the name of the compliance officer on the inside cover of your AML guide do you have a designated compliance officer and what is their name Music all MSBs must have an independent auditor who conducts an annual audit or review of your AML compliance program if this review is being conducted by a representative of fidelity Express that person will be considered your independent auditor you must select your own auditor if this audit is being done without the help of a...